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Welcome to the original


A dog is much more than a simple animal. It is at once a companion, family member, playmate, and guardian. It brings us joy, compassion, happiness ! Those who give us so much, we are their masters, to wish well to return the favour. A warm home and a full life to offer our companion a well-balanced life it deserves

 The trademark JAWS Of LOVE® (2007 - 2018)

At Mouth of Love, we care about the quality. It is this desire to do well and that has pushed us to create our brand Mouth of Love®. This beautiful adventure started in 2007 !

For over 10 years, Mouth of Love® is our French brand, creating clothing and accessories for dogs and cats ! We create mainly original products and quality : ready-to-wear animal trend, clothing fashion, necklaces strassés for dog and cat accessories girly for your companion loved it... rock Style or time-shifted but still in the air ! We offer you a wonderful exclusive selection of clothing and accessories trends for dogs and cats. For all seasons and for all occasions !

Since 2017, in response to your request and to answer at best your expectations, new items for us the masters in love, make their appearance on our shop : bags trends, cats, jewellery, cats, original gifts for children, cushions dogs for inside the are unique and original to the effigy of our animal friends ! We are all the creator, however we also work with different producers to offer the maximum of choice.

MOUTH LOVE, "the designer dogs and cats" dress up your love of Chihuahuas, Pinschers, Yorkshires, Bichons, naked Dogs, Jack Russell, Poodles, Pugs, Bulldogs French, Shitzus, Lhasa, Westies, Cavaliers King Charles, Schnauzers, Bulldogs, English Cockers, Boxers... the Chihuahua to the largest of dogs ! Whether you like it fashion, chic, original, or trendy, you will find everything for your precious pet to the mode in the creations of Mouth love, absolutely everything !

Our goal : to make your pet's life more fun and colorful !



bobo et moi-min.jpg


Ive always had a great affection for animals. And for an individual dog: Rambo. A dog is extremely loyal and loving. It is him who was the muse of my first creations.

It was in 2004, this little poodle apricot was desperate to leave the refuge SPA, where it had been abandoned after having been subjected to ill-treatment. This was a true love at first sight between us when our eyes met.

I have always wanted the best for my dog : a food premium of course, but also accessories, fun and clothing trends ! Not easy, however, to find my happiness in the shops.

This is why in 2007 I decided to create the brand "GUEULE D'AMOUR" and to open an online store dedicated to cats and dogs where each master could find, with a simple click and without leaving home, a large choice of accessories and clothes for her four-legged companion.

Until 2014, Bobo has been my most faithful companion, it was my Mouth of Love !

During these ten wonderful years, I had the enormous privilege to meet people incredibly passionate and many other things...

The passion that drives me has not waned and I still hope to share with you the many adventures in the years to come !

inou cms-min (1).jpg

Today another small dog joined us for our greatest happiness, an adorable Spitz named Ilang, a ball of love !

kiki et inou-min.jpg

A pretty kitty is also among us! Kiki, who is always a pleasure to try all the toys that we sell !

That would be not for his furry beloved ?

So far, we must not forget the dogs and cats who have not yet had the chance to find a warm home in which to live their life of pasha.

This is the reason why the "MOUTH LOVE" actively supports the SPA and all the other non-profit organizations whose purpose is the safeguarding of animals of any species they are.



Because we really are a lover of animals, a portion of our profits is donated to directly help the animals ' cause.

Each month, we give them an association (or a shelter) different.
Thanks to your purchases, it may receive a portion of our profits !

CLICK HERE to learn more about our donations for the animals.