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MOUTH Of LOVE continues its commitment to long dates

Very sensitive to the animals ' cause, for more than 10 years, we continue our commitment of long-time, actively support the SPA, and all other associations whose purpose is the safeguarding of animals of any species they are.

New Solidarity Operation For The Animal Protection Associations !

It is for this reason that we have decided to donate 2% of our profits to local associations of animal protection.

This large mission, Mouth of Love accomplishes this through its Community... That is to say YOU !! Each month, we will give a local association different. Thanks to your purchases, it may receive during a month a portion of our profits !

Do you enjoy supporting a worthy cause !

We give you a party on every order you place on our site directly to a local association.

To give a chance to all of the smaller associations in France to participate to this great adventure, we offer you to choose with us ! Offer us the association that you have at heart ! To do this, notify the association of your choice and tell them to send us a message in Facebook or contact us (or directly by email

The Solidarity Operation SPA continues

We are very happy that we associate also to the SPA to collect funds in their favor, thus giving the hope of improving the fate of all the animals . We also offer you the opportunity to support the SPA through a module for adding gifts to your shopping cart on our web site.

Where will my donation ?

All amounts collected shall be paid to the SPA to pay for food, veterinary expenses, maintenance of shelters, etc, the list is long...



SPA : come !

Association ADLPA: ... to come !

Website ; Page on Facebook

Mission : The association ADLPA is a refuge of the Longuyonnais for the defense and protection of Animals that collection from many animals left behind. A BIG THANK YOU FROM ALL MY HEART FOR ALL THESE ANIMALS♥



SPA : 24€ !

dons spa janvier 2018

Association Amicat: 96€ !

dons Amicat

Website ; Page on Facebook

Mission : The association Amicat aims to defend the rights of animals by establishing campagnesd'information and prevention (Think before you adopt not to give up), to put in place campaigns for sterilisation of stray cats, to organize events for the benefit of the association, to join the people to raise awareness to the cause of animal, to be known by participation to the various events and forums, organize a food for animals.


SPA : 75€ !

Oasis veterans : 142€

Website ; Page on Facebook

Mission : The Oasis of the veterans is a association that welcomes dogs and cats to be abandoned which are mostly elderly, sick and often abandoned for all of these reasons. Priority is therefore given to the dogs and cats that are in the greatest distress, because they are the ones who, because of their age, are struggling to find a home for adoption.. A BIG THANK you FROM ALL my HEART FOR ALL THESE ANIMALS♥


Association Suzi Disability Animal : 133€ !

Website ; Page on Facebook

Mission : Suzi Disability Animal is an association of rescue & care for animals with disabilities, from the smallest to the largest regardless of the disability . Their purpose is to assist and provide them a dignified life with care, surgeries & equipment ( carts , prosthetics.... ) To help them, it is their to provide care , food , equipment, your donations allow them to live... A BIG THANK you FROM ALL my HEART FOR ALL THESE ANIMALS♥



SPA : 86€

Thing promised, thing due ! Thanks to you, we have been able to sign a cheque of 86€ for the SPA. The entire amount collected has been paid to the SPA to pay for food, veterinary expenses, maintenance of shelters, etc, the list is long...

Dons en faveur de la SPA

Then, in the face of difficulties, we you are launching a real SOS. The associations were still and more than ever need us !

And we will continue to fight more than ever !

Thank you all for your solidarity, on account on you