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    This collar repellent pest control for dog or puppy has been specially designed to repel external parasites (fleas, ticks and mosquitoes). This necklace contains extracts of Margosa, a tree recognized for its repellent properties against insects and the Lavender, which gives off a pleasant perfume in the virtues insect repellents. The properties of the collar are not damaged by water or moisture. The collar does not disturb the sense of smell of the dog or puppy. Protection of 3 months. Colours : beige. Length of the necklace : 60 cm. Available for large dog.Use : This collier pest control can be used on puppies from 3 months of age. Attach the collar around the neck of the animal by tightening moderately. Cut off the part that protrudes from the loop. Keep the collar wrapped until ready to use. This collar must be worn prior to any infestation and must be renewed every 3 months. His optimal action requires few days.
  • 17,90 €
    Our toothpaste for dogs 100% natural, made from essential oils is a toothpaste liquid very easy to use. It helps to clean your dog's teeth, fight bad breath, eliminate bad bacteria and protect the teeth and gums. Composition : 100% natural essential oils (peppermint oil, oil of fennel, oil of lavender, oil of myrrh, sweet orange oil). Made in France. Directions for use : Apply approximately one drop on a tooth brush for dog and cat or on a brush of a finger. Recommend brushing your dog's teeth every day. Contains the liquid for 3 months of brushing, at a rate of once per day.
  • 5,90 €
    Dental hygiene is important because it helps to prevent tartar and bad breath of the dog or cat. The toothbrush double head for cat and dog is fitted with a soft bristle brush gentle and well tolerated. His neck long and his head is slightly curved to allow a brushing easy, fast and effective. Thanks to its conical shape and its double head, the hard to reach areas will be cleaned well. For optimal results, it is recommended to brush the teeth of your pet every day and replace the brush every three months.
  • 14,90 €
    This double-sided magic glove for dogs and cats is an indispensable grooming tool ! It gently brushes and massages your companion's coat and removes dead hair in the blink of an eye , while stroking it! Material: Strong and durable white fabric. Unique size. French brand .
  • 16,95 €
    This lotion Care of the ears for cat and dog based green Tea extract and Aloe Vera, ensures a clean smooth. Thanks to its natural active ingredients, it gently cleanses the ears by protecting the wall from drying out. It eliminates impurities and helps désincruster the body fat and dirt. Capacity : 100 ml. Made in France. Council of use : For the well-being of your pet, remember to clean his ears once or twice a week. For this, apply a bit of lotion ears on a soft cotton. Then, carefully clean the contour of the ears as well as the inner side of the ear canal. Please do not hesitate to repeat the operation if necessary.
  • 16,95 €
    This lotion eye Care for cat and dog at base of Blueberry extract and Aloe Vera, ensures a clean smooth. Thanks to its natural active ingredients, it gently cleans, soothes and protects the eye contour from dehydration. It eliminates impurities and helps désincruster the dirt. Capacity : 100 ml. Made in France. Council of use : Apply the cleansing lotion on a soft cotton, gently clean the eye contour to your pet twice a week, or more if necessary.
  • 16,95 €
    This spray dog mint enzyme-based natural fight instantly against bad breath and delay the onset of tartar. Directions for use : Shake before use. Spray to the teeth and in the mouth of the animal on a daily basis. Do not rub or rinse. Non-toxic, the spray can be ingested by your pet. Capacity : 125 ml. Made in France.
  • 16,95 €
    This ultra absorbent towel for dogs and cats is perfect if you want to dry your pet quickly. It protects it from cooling after bathing or after a rainy outing. You can also use it on a dry coat of your pet if it is dusty or a little dirty, by moistening the towel with water. This allows you to clean your pet's hair without having to bathe it. It ensures perfect moisture absorption. Choose it in apple green or brown. Soft and very resistant microfiber towel . 40cm wide x 60cm long. French brand .
  • 19,95 €
    This anti-tasks eyes for dogs is a professional product for grooming the eyes of the dogs. It removes the yellow stains unsightly around the eyes of your dog. Gently clean the eye area with a clean cotton for each eye. In bottle of 125 ml. Manufactured in Great Britain.
  • 16,95 €
    This glove picks up hair for dogs and cats is an essential grooming accessory . It gently brushes your companion's coat and removes dead hair in the blink of an eye, while stroking it! With this magic glove, grooming your pet will become a pleasant moment of relaxation. Designed with 5 fingers, it allows you to reach the most complicated places. Adjustable to all wrists with Velcro. Machine washable. Unique size. French brand .
  • 19,95 €
    Clamp to ears for dog in stainless steel with lock - very convenient and very easy to use, to remove the hairs in the ears of your dog. A accessories essential of grooming. Length : 14 cm.
  • 7,90 €
    This menthol dog rope toy massages the gums and cleans your companion's teeth, leaving fresh, slightly minty breath! Shape that makes it easy to throw, catch and carry . Material: cotton. Light and resistant. French brand . 3 models available : Small model 17 cm long - Medium model 22 cm long - Large model 32 cm long.